Ik heb '3121'  vandaag 17 maart 2006 gekocht. Journalisten zitten nu wellicht stukjes te schijven over deze CD. Over een wel of geen 'Comeback' van Prince.
     Of  liedjes van '3121' te vergelijken met  met oudere nummers  van Prince .
    '3121' is goed. Erg goed. Ik weet het nu (vrijwel zeker). Dat dit de beste  is
    sinds 'Rave  into the joy fantastic' (1999)  Ik kan niks garanderen.
    Maar ik ben nu wel abnormaal blij met '3121'. Hoera voor Prince ;)+>


    Een vriendin zei ooit: "Ik heb nog nooit een iemand ontmoet die zo een persoonlijke band heeft met een artiest als jij". Anno 1995. Ik was zwaar teleurgesteld in 'Musicology', 2004. De laatste CD van Prince.
    Prince heeft mijn hart gebroken. Het voelde alsof hij mij in de steek had gelaten, alsof mijn meidje de verkering had uitgemaakt, een groot verlies. Iedere dag als ik aan Prince dacht kreeg ik een rotgevoel. Daarvoor heb ik jaren mijn hand over hart gehaald als Prince een matige CD uitbracht. Al stonden er maar een paar goeie nummers op. Dan was het al goed. Maar 'Musicology' was geen matige CD, het was een dieptepunt. Ronduit waardeloos. Nu dan '3121'. Het eerste voorteken was slecht. Het gelikte 'Te amo corazon' is matig. Maar toen kwamen 'Black Sweat' en 'Fury'. Lekker! De koorts is terug. Ik heb de recensies van de nummers al gelezen op internet. Dat belooft zeer veel goeds. Als ik nu aan Prince denk is dat oude gevoel er weer helemaal. Vol verwachting klopt mijn hart en de harten van de duizenden fans wereldwijd. De officiële release van '3121' volgt op 21 maart in Amerika. Het grote aftellen is begonnen.

    As Miles once said; "I like his black rhythm section, he is the Duke of our times".

    (Hierbij de tracklist van 3121 en de recensie van een fan (Papaj) die de CD al heeft mogen horen)

    1. 3121

    The opener of Prince’s newest album hits you really hard. It is a slow to mid tempo funk extravaganza. The drums are really hard, the bass is realy prominent. It sounds really psychedelic, like something by Bill Laswell & Material. It has got a lot of rhythm guitar, absolutely crazy synths, and an electric guitar solo at the end. It is sung in a Camille voice, which actually gets even more distorted. It is highly experimental and will make your jaws drop I assure you. It does include the thru the gates, leave your clothes on the floor etc. lyrics. Funnily enough, it ended with the words it is going down like the wall in Berlin! I got goose bumps in a blink of an eye!

    2. Lolita (4:04)

    This is a Lady Cab Driver meets I Wanna Be Your Lover tune, very catchy and melody oriented. The drums remind me of Lady Cab Driver while the synth line sounded like the latter cut. Prince sings swaggeringly Lolita, you may be sweet, but you’ll never make a cheat of me. There is a synth solo, some spoken word in Spanish by a female I could not identify, Prince calls fellas and girls and asks them some question to which they respond in unison.

    3. Te Amo Corazon (3:35)

    Exactly the same as the one released by the NPGMC.

    4. Black Sweat (3:10)

    Exactly the same as the one released by the NPGMC.

    5. I Don’t Wanna All Night (4:03)

    It begins with some keys (a Wurlitzer piano?). It is a duet with a female, Tamar presumably. The song is a ballad but very far from being schmaltzy and pretentious. There is some use of vocoder noticeable here. The song features a very nice breakdown part with drum ‘n’ bass like drumming, a little bit like the one from The Sun, The Moon and Stars. It ends with some beautiful vocal harmonies.

    6. Love is 4ever (5:45)

    An uptempo, crazy funk track with a pulverizing beat and synths on crack. Stripped down funk. Something in the vein of Strange But True. Prince sings stop telling me what you want me to hear, stop giving me your wish list. It has plenty of handclapping, fantastic rhythm guitar, Camille vocals. It sounds very complex and experimental because of the crazy drum patterns and prominent synths. Real chicken grease!

    7. Satisfied (2:50)

    The studio version of the song is much better than the live excerpt we were able to hear. It is a stripped down blues with beautiful passionate vocals sung in different registers. It reminds me of Ray Charles’ songs but has this Prince feel at the same time. A very heartfelt and emotional excursion in blues.

    8. Fury (4:00)

    This is a classic rock song with unbelievably catchy melody. It sounds just like the SNL version, although obviously it the vibe is different. No cowbells on this one The songs is driven by synths and some heavy guitar. You can count on some fierce solos with this one!

    9. Let’s Do Something (4:10)

    This is a mid-tempo jam, a little bit reminiscent of Wherever U Go, Whatever U Do. It has some acoustic guitar and saxophone parts. Get up, come on, let’s do something It seems like the weakest track on the album at first only to turn into a marvelously complex composition with a heavy guitar solo and a congas solo. Sheila E., anyone?

    10. Beautiful, Loved & Blessed (5:43)

    Exactly the same as the one released by the NPGMC.

    11. The Dance (5:13)

    Get ready for the biggest surprise of your Prince geekhood. The Dance is the same song as the one from The Chocolate Invasion but the arrangement is completely different and will make you say OMG!!!!! This is tango!!! It is full of real strings, piano soloing (yes!!!), Latin percussion (congas). The vocals are some much different on this version at the very end Prince starts screaming just like he did on The Beautiful Ones. It is easily the best ballad he has released in a long time!!! There is a guitar and synth solo at the end, handclaps and the screams!!!

    12. The Boat (6:17)

    Classic funk in the vein of James Brown but nothing like The Work Pt. 1. It is very catchy, full of soloing and blazing horns, acoustic guitar and prominent bass licks. Again we have some vocals by a female (Tamar?). Get on the boat people, we’ve got room for a hundred or more. There is Maceo Parker on this track (Prince calls his name) and someone who is really good a Latin drumming (Sheila E.?). It has got a very live feel with James Brown like chants and lots of solos either on sax or percussion.

    De nieuwe CD hoes

    Ja, dit is geen gezichtsbedrog, Prince en Wendy op het podium

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