A sad state of affairs


    After all these years I still ask myself; 'Was it love you were after or only good times?' I just don‘t want to know. It was raining so heavily this morning. The trees were crying in the wind. As always I wore a raincoat on my bicycle, still my large shoes became soaking wet. I had no other choice than to ride on and asking myself; 'Is this the meaning of life?'. I saw a girl walking with an umbrella and her large, grey dog on a leash. In spite of the rain and wind, the girl looked so satisfied and even her short-haired labrador without an umbrella seemed content. Just a few paces ahead I saw the girls of pleasure in their wooden boats. I wouldn't make eye contact but in the last boat a girl had such a sweet and tempting smile, the feeling of entering her warm room was close. But she smiled at me for my money. It was still raining. On the bridge the feeling of our true mutual love returned. I felt the mystery of life under my skin. 'Why are we not together?'. My personal trinity; love, art and the unknown spirit, the force which made it all possible. How proud I can be on my own works of art. For the children are life's most beautiful creation. Our love was mutual, at least I always thought so. But in the end people seem to choose for themselves. Only the memory remains and all that's left is faith.

    Thank you Chris for your English support