Blame on Men

They're human too, no special race,
A dick disgrace, but I need blue.

Devastate, manipulate,
I crawl for you

Though I saw the warning light
It stopped my hands but not my mind

I believe your past will always be,
your reference

I enjoy, the hope you give but most of all,
your confidence

Point out your integrity
If you see crooks then I agree

The brightest lake I'm into, never seemed so far,
Almost sentimental, maybe warm
but I won't turn, may back, on her

Whispering, harmless words,
I'll make no move

Telling me, the kind of guy,
I really am

You can see, how I behave,
Adjust my voice, but are you safe?

Surely, I can make mistakes
Your final words are my complaints

Constantly assuming, the urge I feel is wrong.
Now I know for certain, you are right,
by putting all, the blame, on men

by Willem Biels Klumper 1993