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Love might be a battle field, but I don't like to fight

Pray for wonders

Restless nights, boring days, nothing holds a red light on my face.
Say you win, say you're right, I want to see you smile and hold you tight.
Then I wonder, now youíre under, is it me or is just your fun?
Go right for it, I just can't hold it, lost the strength, came 10 seconds short.
All my friends they know I'm blue, a one night stand is quite enough for you.
White naked arms, she saw my charms I burned myself at fire that all was mine.
Proud of breaking, for the taking, oh what joy to fill an empty heart.
Still I keep dreaming, pray for wonders, 4 AM, she wants to leave my home.
Won't clean my room, just stay aloof, picture Greece and I will nearly freeze.
The organ grinds, a tune my kind, promises of cards I didn't find.
Counting over, I'm not above her, finally the scheme is in my hands.
No words are spoken, or just a phonecall, the images of light rest in my mind.

27 / 8 /1997 Willem Biels Klumper

Pants Forever Tight

This is new she said in tears I didnít buy
I donít leave you all, left the ones that lied
My man is strong you see, he keeps all babies warm
but Iím not like your man, Iíd rather use my charms

one night, is all the time I need
you had to leave, pants forever tight

Then I saw my name, a word I hardly knew
metal voice to blame, still I know itís you
I want to kiss you now, on all the parts you like
show me where and how, just a hundred miles

one night, is all the time I need
you had to leave, pants forever tight

the final day is there, an image comes alive
all what I declare, is rankness purified
but now I need to know, if you will stay for sure
youíre a movie shown, I want you as a whore

one night, is all the time I need
you had to leave, pants forever tight

Willem Biels Klumper  26/12/1997
Love for Emma

I recall your wet red hair and your white, soft cold legs.
May I keep them warm forever? 
I feel you sitting on me while you never sat on me.
In the Mexican church I already made too many confessions,
the latest one was the worst, cuz I already knew the answer.
Hoping we could laugh about it, you insisted on going back while it was still light, 
no wonder in the middle of the summer. 
At home you asked me to repair your flat tire.
A nervous smile as if nothing had happened.
I realized you had never shown any interest.

No cash for grass,
couldn't pay your own phone,
used mine trying to reach a distant friend.
Failed again, suddenly you started to cry,
ran downstairs, sounds of despair.
Knocked on your door.
Still outraged. Just for comfort I tried to hold you.
A brief bounce. Made her some coffee,
Her eyes were still wet. 
Childish  innocence. 

While she was preparing to leave,
I gave her the first and final kiss on her satin cheek.
This fire will burn till my last dying day.

Willem Biels Klumper ca. 1994