The light, the sound, the new shape 

    Now we are thinking of getting older. He's talking about fysical decay. Can I talk about wine which ripes, and gets better during the years? Why do the elder women always have the same haircut? Or senior men mostly wear a tie? When my jeanscoat was stolen I didn't bought a new one. Lately I buy neath white collar jackets. I almost envy Michele Placido (from the Octopus) in his blue sweater and grey jacket. Those primary colours made such a contrast with "brown/grey" of the old Napels. Blue stands for power? Blue stands for equality. I don't eat blue vegetables, but I do eat redpeppers. They taste so sweet. Yeah, that O(+>, he does, with his high heels and smooth colours. Recently Hillarly Clintan was in Amsterdam. She wore a blue woman suit, white shoes, and a candy pink overcoat. It was nice to see here colour pictures in the paper. The paper was talking about her old fashioned hairdress and her boring clothes. She looked at rembrandt's "nightwatch" . Such a beaufiful contrast, our brown Nightwatch with the pink Hillary. I was really moved. In secret I was always attracted by Hillary, but now. Bill was eating "poffertjes" (a dutch, greasy warm cookie mail), Hillary took it with cherrie's. In the evening she will fold her clothes neath. I did see her pictures of her progressive period. With her glasses. She still laughs at the jokes of Harry Mulisch (a famous dutch writer). She hasn't changed. Only her clothes did. These new progressive women with their, balanced, perfect clothes combinations. Predictable, boring. Why is our Diewertje Blok (a horny dutch anchorwoman) never dressed in a g-string or a pink woman suit?