My shouting friends

    On this cold November morning,
    I cycled through the grey Industrial Estate.
    Like everyday I was on my way to work.
    Just a few hundred yards from my office
    I heard the strange sound of a screeching seagull.
    When I looked up I saw this large bird
    on the top of a high lamppost.
    The seagull was so proud, invulnerable.
    It felt as if he was greeting me.
    The strength of this animal made me feel better.
    Recently a new landscape was formed.
    A huge factory demolished,
    the rain created a new pool in the ground.
    A perfect place for all kinds of birds.
    Nature has found its way.
    I always wonder what will happen to these birds
    when it starts to freeze.
    If I could I would take them to my home
    and give them a warm shelter.
    These birds stand for freedom.
    To land on a lamposts, to fly above the oceans.
    As much as I envy them, I admire them.
    My shouting friends.